A List of Students Enrolled in Post Studio Art, with Michael Asher at CalArts, 1976-2008

Golden Spike Press is a collaborative publishing project founded and operated at the California Institute of the Arts, specialized in artists’ books and multiples, largely produced with Risograph Digital Duplicators.

A List of Students Enrolled In Post Studio Art, With Michael Asher At Calarts 1976–2008 consists of a list of students enrolled in Michael Asher’s Post Studio Art class at CalArts, semester by semester, from 1976 until 2008. The project, compiled and edited by Leslie Dick & Adriano Pedrosa, designed by Michael Ray-Von, is in memory of Michael Asher.

Post Studio Art met on Fridays to critique and discuss work presented by students. The class began at 10 AM and continued into the evening, often ending at 8 PM, 10 PM, and occasionally even later. The group continued the conversation until there was nothing more to say. By throwing out the clock, Michael Asher opened up a space for engaged consideration and questioning that proved fundamental to the thinking and practice of the artists and others who took part.

The list of students published here acknowledges the participants in a discourse, without attempting to describe or define the discourse. The book includes a short introduction and seven appendices.

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