Open Books – Publication

Open Books is a project aiming to explore the “mise en abime” of the object book as well as to research the use of books as an exhibited material.
This publication, Volumes ABC, was produced in two steps. Printed ahead of the exhibition, Volumes A+B served as a documentation tool and caption for the public. Extended later by Volume C, the three volumes become then a trace of the exhibition.

- Volume A, Documents
Introduction – Charlotte Cheetham & Sophie Demay
Reading Space – Lucas Hoffalt & Samuel Lamidey
Mind Replica – Sylvie Boulanger
14 ways to exhibit books
Kiosk: a collection by Christoph Keller
About Books – Grégoire Romanet
Index of exhibitions (written by Tom Henni,
Christoph Schifferli, The best dutch Book Designs, Mathieu Gabiot,
Mylinh Nguyen, Dominique Hurth & Ciaran Walsh, Regine Ehleiter,
The Most Beautiful Swiss Books)

- Volume B, Material
This is a book about an exhibition – Elizabeth Glickfeld
Studio Book by Fraser Muggeridge studio – Eric Kindel
Double Page – Jérôme Saint-Loubert Bié
Graphic #10 – Kwangchul Kim & Na Kim interview
Ultramoderne Reader – Jean-Marie Courant
I swear I use not art at all – Joost Grootens
Recycled Works 1990-2005 – Armand Mevis & Linda Van Deursen
Fernand Baudin Price Catalogue – Alexia de Visscher & Ariane Bosshard
The most beautiful swiss books catalogue – Laurent Benner interview
Index of exhibited books

- Volume C, Exhibition
The exhibition Open Books
Perpetual Proposal – Fay Nicolson & Oliver Smith
Curators Compendium
Facing Pages – James Langdon & Stuart Whipps
Studio Project – Fraser Muggeridge
Mapping & Feeding the Library – Anna Haas & Annett Höland

Editor: Charlotte Cheetham & Sophie Demay
Designer: Sophie Demay & Lola Halifa-Legrand
Pages: 220
Dimensions: 130x190mm
Riso printed by Hato Press
Limited edition of 175
Price: 20€


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