A LBUM 1 – From Kunstkammers to Vanitas

Album – From Kunstkammers to Vanitas

On January 2011, Manystuff presented the exhibition «Kunstkammer, The representation of an amateur wonder-room» at 12MAIL gallery in Paris.
Using representations of amateur wonder-rooms of the 17th century as a starting point, the exhibition was a graphic design posters amateur/collector room (the collection of Charlotte Cheetham) – as in a private interior, walls were covered by an accumulation of juxtaposed paintings with no hierarchy, frame against frame, from the floor to the ceiling – and also included a wonder-room (curiosities cabinet) with silkscreen commissioned posters.
The idea was to work on the “ideal museum”, as these representations of amateur wonder-rooms sometimes combined fiction and reality: an imaginary décor, copies of masterpieces and hybrid collections.

With the publication published by OMMU, the purpose was to compose a compendium of paintings that inspired this exhibition: from Kunstkammers to Cabinet of Curiosities representations, and finishing with the vanities paintings.
To give form to this compendium, to design the trace of this documentation, Charlotte Cheetham worked with Pierre Vanni who make the publication a graphic curiosity itself.

An extract of Georges Perec novel – A gallery portrait – is also illustrating the idea.

48 pages / A5 / 3-color Riso – Black, Blue & Flat Gold

More pictures: pierrevanni.tumblr.com/a-lbum

Order: www.ommu.info/?p=2174

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