A books as prism

publishing workshop by Charlotte Cheetham & Pierre Vanni
27 — 29 APR. 2011 Centro de Arte Dos de Mayo, Madrid
Workshop coordinated by proyecto Prisma

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The goal will be to think a publication (printed document) such as a prism, which means such as an element that reveals/refracts and/or disperses information. Of course we are not engineers or computer scientists, but designers. So, we’re not looking for new technological forms, but in search of new «logical» forms including a poetic approach.

In introduction to the workshop, and as textual material for the publication content, we ask you to work with the Jorge Luis Borges’novel «Libro de arena», a story of a book as infinity… How to narrate this story — and so, design it — in an original and significant way, using the clues given by Borges and the physical/logical/poetical particularities of the prism experiment?
The idea is not to think your publication as the solution of the incongruous title «a book as a prism», but to take it as a pretext to design new kinds of printed documents, new kinds of storytelling.

Download pdf with the Borges novel / Télécharger la nouvelle de Borges

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