SINT-LUCAS GENT – Crappy stuff

Crappy stuff, a trade library.
Trade your trash for treasure.

by Pieter De Baets, Caro De Rycke, Cécile Galicher, Bram Kinet, Sam Smekens, Laurens Teerlinck, Jonas Temmerman, Sara Thewissen, Jolien Van der Smissen

There are no books that have no value. Books that have lost their use for their owners can still be valuable to other people. The content might interest new owners, the form of the book can be a source of inspiration for artists, graphic designers or anyone else who might like books.
The catalogue: because the collection is constantly changing, loosing and gaining books, we want to gather and archive visual information of the books. Part two of the project is about form. The yearbooks that we publish can be used as source of inspiration – in the first place for graphic designers.
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