Open Books – videos installation

February 25th, 2011

An Endless Supply, The Most Cool Books
Slide projection, sound, 14 minutes 48 seconds duration, looped
Books on um art and design, er, rated on whether they’re cool or whatever. Presented at PA/PER VIEW Art Book Fair at Zabludowicz Collection, London.

João Machado, Gestures
This video strongly relates to the effect of a book, extending beyond the form. A book is mainly compound of its materiality, formal content and the way these two interact with the reader. Beyond the form, the book lives on in the mind. In this video I aim to illustrate the experience and performance of a book discarding the object itself. By doing this I am asking the viewer to reassess what this object means to them.

Book Notes 2002-2009, Christoph Schifferli

“The reason I took this digital snapshots is very practical: to take notes about books and artworks I’m interested in. I started using a digital camera in the late 90s, mostly in art exhibitions were I took pictures of the artwork together with the small tags on the side stating the name of the artist, etc. I later started using the camera also for books, taking a quick picture of the cover with some spreads and the impressum (and possibly of the price if it was a rare book). Since the date is automatically registered when you take a digital picture, I still had to take note of the location (these were pre-GPS times). So I started taking pictures of the gallerist, artist or bookdealer to keep a record of the place or context. Finally these pictures also became a visual diary – but this happened more coincidentally and as a side effect, and I became aware of the diary effect much later in the process.”


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February 24th, 2011

Open Books talks
with James Langdon & Stuart Whipps, Anna Haas & Annett Höland (Werkplaats Typografie), Fraser Muggeridge


James Langdon is an independent graphic designer. Informed by an art education, his practice is concerned with the mediation of art and ideas. James is one of five founding directors of the artist-run gallery Eastside Projects in Birmingham and is also active as a curator, editor and writer.

Book Show, curated by James Langdon and Gavin Wade, is an exhibition of artworks, objects and structures that address the physical form of the book. The starting point for the exhibition is Ulises Carrión’s provocative series of aphorisms ‘The New Art of Making Books’ (1975).

Facing Pages, exhibited in Open Books, is a recent project in collaboration with Stuart Whipps.


Anna Haas & Annett Höland are Werkplaats Typografie students.

Best Books 2009: Mapping the Library. Concept and supervised by Experimental Jetset; design by Anna Haas and Annett Höland. The outcome of a workshop conducted in 2010 in which participants from the WT turned their favorite books of 2009 into maps. Identifying the formal connections resulted in a large format 16-piece collective map.

Feed the Library is a Werkplaats Typografie project which took place at the 2010 New York Art Book Fair. The visitors had the opportunity to enrich the school library by bringing in books they consider a must-read for every art and design student. In return, the book was traded for one of a multitude of artifacts specially produced by the Werkplaats Typografie. Over the course of the fair all goods of the exchange were presented in the project room.

Hoi, Japan, 2010
What does this book say and do? Is the book, as an object, self-reflexive? What do you look AT when you look AT a book? What do you look FOR when you look FOR a book?
As part of a workshop organized by David Bennewith and Sandra Kassenaar eighteen publications initiated and designed at the Werkplaats Typografie were selected and assigned – one publication for one student. The goal was to consider these questions by making a gesture towards their assigned publication and create a ‘unique version’ for the exhibition and bookshop.

In 2009 the Werkplaats Typografie brought all their 17 students to the New York Art Book Fair. Across from a wall displaying the graphic output of the last ten years of the school, the students set up a production line where they photocopied pages from Werkplaats Typografie publications selected by the visitors and bound them into new books for as little as $5.


Fraser Muggeridge is a typographic designer based in Clerkenwell, London. He runs a studio producing books, catalogues, posters and other material for mainly cultural and arts organisations.
He studied Typography & graphic communication at the University of Reading where he now teaches on the MA in book design.

Designed by Fraser Muggeridge studio is an installation of 48 new books, each unique and made up of 48 different publications designed by Fraser Muggeridge studio. The limited edition book has been meticulously reformed, as an amalgam of 48 selected books and catalogues, from 2001 to present, designed for clients including Bookworks, Lund Humphries and Tate Publishing. With 192 pages of contrasting form and content, Designed by Fraser Muggeridge studio is a reconfiguring of separated leaves in which typography, image, ink and paper can either clash or complement in their new formations.

All 48 books will be on display in an installation at Open Books exhibition, alongside a selection of the original publications. The limited edition booklet will be available for consultation in the exhibition books selection.

Open Books – exhibited books

February 24th, 2011

Open Books – exhibited books

Benzanoe Magazine, Issue 64, Benzanoe , 2010
BEST BOOk 2008 (Readers Digest), Werkplaats Typografie 2009
BEST BOOkS 2009 Mapping the Library, Werkplaats Typografie, 2010
Bookcase, Sarah Poletti, 2010
Chinese whispers, Jamie Reid, 2009
Claude Closky 8002— 9891, MAC/VAL, 2008
CNEAI = NEUF ANS, cneai= & Editions Hyx 2006
CONSTRUCT DECONSTRUCT, Ghazaal Vojdani & Jenny Hirons, 2010
Dear Reader, Atelier Carvalho Bernau, 2010
Designed by Fraser Muggeridge studio, Fraser Muggeridge studio, 2010
de Verenigde Sandbergen, Sandberg Institute, 2009-2010
DOUBLE PAGE, Éditions B42, 2010
Exhibiting Poetry Today, Cneai= & Xavier Barral, 2009
Fernand Baudin Prijs 2009 catalogue, Fernand Baudin Prijs, 2009
FOUNT, Adam Chelstov, Jackson Lam, Patrick Lacey (Åbäke) & Jérôme Rigaud (electronest), 2010
Graphic #10, Propaganda Press, 2009
I swear I use no art at all, 010 Publishers, 2010
Liner notes conversations about making books, i.e. Leipzig, Spector Books, 2009
Livro de meio, Marco Balesteros & Sofia Gonçalves, 2010
Multitudes, Hors-série n°1 Transmission, Cneai=/Villa Arson, 2007
Objects, Paul Bailey, 2008
Old News #2, cneai= & Dunkers Kulturhus, 2006
On the self reflexive page, Roma Publications, 2010
Os livros fazem amigos/Books mame friends, Roma Publications, 2006
Out of print – An archive as artistic concept, Cneai= & Neues Museum Weserburg Bremen, 2001
Recollected Work, Artimo, 2005
The best dutch book design 2008, Stichting the Best Verzorgde Boeken, 2008
The best dutch book design 2009, Stichting the Best Verzorgde Boeken, 2009
The book and other books, Werkplaats Typografie, 2007
The Form of the Book Book, Occasional Papers, 2010
The most beautiful swiss books catalogues 2004-2099, Swiss Federal Office of Culture, 2005-2010
Thereherethenthere, MAC/VAL & Parc Saint Léger, 2010
Title of the show, Jovis Verlag Gmbh, 2009
Ultramoderne Reader, it : editions, 2007
User’s Manual: The Grand Domestic Revolution, Mafalda Dâmaso, Casco Office for Art, Design
& Theory, 2010
Scratching on Things I Could Disavow, Walther Konig, 2008
W.D.A.O.V.T.O.P.N.N.M.T.B.V., Cneai=, 2008
Who is Alice, Sarah Poletti, 2009
You, me, here, now: seeing & subjectivity, Yeju Choi, 2009

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Open Books – private view & book launch

February 23rd, 2011


Open Books – Perpetual Proposal

February 22nd, 2011

Perpetual Proposal
A space and classification system by Fay Nicolson and Oliver Smith for Openbooks

Perpetual Proposal is a system to initiate and record the flow of books within an exhibition as reading room. The Books (selected by Sophie Demay and Charlotte Cheetham) all deal with the form and content of the book as a subject. Being interested in mathematician and librarian S.R. Raganathan’s Five Laws of Library Science*, Fay and Oliver encourage visitors to the exhibition to select books from the peg board display and browse through them at their leisure. Investigating the idea of a reader as both a consumer and (re)producer of knowledge Fay and Oliver ask visitors to select a page using a book mark for our librarian to copy. The rationale behind page selection is left in hands of each reader.

Throughout his/her shift the librarian will copy and index selected pages, binding them into a compendium that will enter the selection of exhibited books each day. These new additions both document the use of, and add to, the collection of exhibited books.

* Raganathan’s Five Laws of Library Science are:

Here is a diagram that charts the proposed flow of books around the space:

Download pdf

Open Books exhibition is now open

February 22nd, 2011

Open Books exhibition is now open!
all informations and details very soon.

Come and meet the Open Books librarians of the “Perpetual Proposal” space & classification by Fay Nicholson & Oliver Smith.
Librarians hours:
Mon./Tue. 12-5pm; Wed. 1-6pm; Thu. 2-7pm; Fri./Sat. 1-6pm

All the programme here:

Open Books exhibition in progress

February 21st, 2011


Open Books publication in progress

February 18th, 2011



February 18th, 2011


February 9th, 2011

Wunderkammer / Wonder room

6 réponses graphiques et originales au thème du cabinet de curiosités pour l’exposition Kunskammer / 6 graphic answers to the wonder-room theme, specially created for the Kunstkammer exhibition (> photos)

par/by officeabc, Karl Nawrot, Åbäke, Metahaven, Manuel Raeder & Mathias Schweizer.

Désormais disponibles à la vente / now for sale

Sérigraphie / Silkscreen
Imprimé par / Printed by Lezard graphique
Dimensions 120x175cm
Papier / paper 150g
Série limitée / Produced in limited numbers: 10 ex


KUNSTKAMMER – La Chambre de Seccotine, OFFICEABC

February 4th, 2011

La Chambre de Seccotine, OFFICEABC

“La Chambre de Seccotine est un journal à colonnes qui anticipe mais prolonge aussi l’affiche Signes (459) est un astéroïde découvert en 1900 par Max Wolf. Ce paradoxe de l’argumentaire-fiction tisse une suite d’échos et de pistes, tentative d’épuisement de la Chambre des Merveilles sur laquelle nous avons voulu rebondir pour l’exposition à la galerie 12Mail. Le journal introduit aussi une image, à la fois indice abyme et point final: un photogramme tiré du film Dunston Checks In (1996) où un singe se cache les yeux pour choisir au hasard une chose dans des colonnes de choses…”


February 2nd, 2011

> Informations

About Amateur exhibition room, Manystuff’s collection
About Wonder room, commissioned posters

> Photos

Lecture, sujet de travail & jury à Penninghen

February 1st, 2011

Lecture, lancement d’un sujet de travail et jury, par Manystuff, dans le cadre du cours d’arts graphiques en AG4 (4e année) de Bernaud Baissait et Vincent de Hoÿm , à l’ESAG Penninghen, Paris. Lire la suite…


January 31st, 2011

Wunderkammer ou Cabinet de curiosités graphiques
6 réponses graphiques et originales au thème du cabinet de curiosités.
(sérigraphie, 120x175cm, impression: Lezard Graphique, Photos © Pierre Vanni)
> Photos

Victoria and alferD: Mammals

The Victoria & Alferd Museum is a growing collection of artefacts, objects, stories, existing or imagined. The idea was born from a few facts: the generally undisputed legitimacy of the museum institution, despite its young age and numerous mistakes. The geo-political aspect of its own importance, the relying to colonialism or worse religious “rights” in order to constitute a history of the winner’s world.
Our collection, however, starts from the modest details of preserved mistakes, rather than revisionism. We do not see space (storage?), money (acquisition, conservation?), fiction, geography, time or any material parameter as an obstacle to the connection we propose. Enjoy the visits.

Transaction Record (Wau Holland Foundation)

In making our contribution to Kunstkammer, for us the main inspiration came from the idea that the poster is actually for sale. Half of the funds raised per poster will be donated to WikiLeaks, through its intermediary, the Wau Holland Foundation.
By designing the poster as a ‘Transaction Record’, we invite the buyer to acknowledge this relationship. The poster/’artwork’ from the Kunstkammer becomes the record an authorization of the transaction.

Karl Nawrot
19 Templates, 2 Post-it® & Dusts

Il y a quelques années j’ai commencé a construire des outils qui me permettraient de réaliser des illustrations (abstraites) et des caractères typographiques à partir de formes géométriques ou libres. Cette collection d’outils se compose aujourd’hui de tampons encreurs, de gabarits circulaires pour disques vinyles, de pochoirs géométriques et de modules typographiques en carton. Le poster montre une partie de cette collection et présente une sélection de 19 pochoirs conçu entre 2008 et 2010. J’ai également glissé dans le poster des restes de découpes qui viennent hanter l’objet finis et un test tracé sur Post-it®.

Signe (459) est un astéroïde découvert en 1900 par Max Wolf

C’est sur l’archéologie des espaces (celui du lieu d’exposition, celui des cabinets, ou plutôt des chambres, celui de l’affiche,etc.) et sur les trouvailles que nous avons voulu nous pencher.
Si «toute épave à portée de nos mains doit être considérée comme un précipité de notre désir» (Breton), alors le projet pour Kunstkammer a été un moyen de requalifier ces trouvailles, de les reséquencer en une image sculptante et désirante.
Un carnet, littéralement journal de bord, accompagne notre affiche. Sa lecture ne cherche pas à devenir légende de celle-ci, mais plutôt lien entre, suite discursive et assemblée de débris et de pistes potentielles.
En définitive, on pourrait imaginer que l’affiche devient cet instantané de précipité, un cristal en sorte…

Manuel Raeder

Mathias Schweizer
Détails (recto/verso)

Descente de croix, Van der Weyden — La Fontaine de la Grâce et le triomphe de l’Église sur la Synagogue, École d’Hubert et de Jean Van Eyck — Saint Jacques et le Majeur et sainte Claire, Le Maître de Flémalle — Saint Jean-Baptiste, Henry de Werl et Sainte barbe , Le Maître de Flémalle — La Nativité, Hans Memling — La Présentation au Temple, Hans Memling — Les Tentations de Saint Antoine, Jérome Bosh — La Vierge et le Chevalier de Montesa, Anonyme de Valence — La Vierge et l’Enfant, un saint et un ange, Andrea Del Sarto — la Sainte Famille, Jacopino Del Conte — la Sainte Famille et l’Agneau, Raphaël — La Visitation, Raphaël — Noli me tangere, Le Corrège — Repos pendant la fuite en Egypte, Patenier — Le Changeur et sa femme, Marinus Reymerswaele — Portrait de Dürer par lui même — La Trinité, Ribera — Le Christ Embrassant saint Bernard, Ribalta — Vision de saint Pierre de Nolasque, Francisco De Zurbaran —Saint Jacob de la Marca, Zurbaran — Adoration des Mages, Diego Velasquez — David vainqueur de Goliath, Le Caravage — l’Apôtre saint Jacques, Le Guide —Saint François d’Assise recevant les stigmates, Jean-Baptiste Tiepolo — Bacchanale, Michel-Ange Houasse.


Les posters sérigraphiés conçus par Åbäke, Karl Nawrot, Manuel Raeder, Mathias Schweizer, OfficeABC et Metahaven pour l’exposition Manystuff à 12mail sont en vente, SEULEMENT DISPONIBLE SUR PLACE, A LA GALERIE 12MAIL, POUR L’INSTANT. VENTES ET ENVOI A L’ETRANGER PROCHAINEMENT: envoyer un mail à 120x175cm / 10 exemplaires par poster / 100€.

The silkscreen printed posters designed by Åbäke, Karl Nawrot, Manuel Raeder, Mathias Schweizer, OfficeABC and Metahaven for the Manystuff show at 12mail are on sale, ONLY IN PARIS FOR NOW, INTERNATIONAL SALES & SHIPPING VERY SOON: 120x175cm / 10 ex by poster only / 100€. pre-order ONLY here :


January 31st, 2011


Sous la forme inspirée des représentations des cabinets d’amateurs du 17e siècle auxquelles elle rend hommage, la collection d’affiches de Manystuff n’a pas une visée encyclopédique. Via cette sélection particulière, il s’agit d’exposer et de rendre compte d’un graphisme contemporain. Ce choix d’affiches baroques et animées en révèle un aspect marquant.
Nul besoin de revenir sur le rôle et l’importance du design graphique aujourd’hui: sa protection est un devoir, tout comme son exhibition et cette collection agit dans ce sens. Elle est gardienne et révélatrice d’instants de graphisme incarnés dans ces affiches.
Cet extrait ne compose pas un décor mais un paysage de créations graphiques issues de la commande; ce sont des affiches et non de simples images. Leur réunion est le fruit d’une curiosité indisciplinée au service d’un regard qui doit être posé sur le graphisme: susciter des interrogations, appréhender le travail et le raisonnement de ses auteurs, comprendre des contextes…
Le bonheur de montrer et le plaisir de voir.

Affiches exposées:
Frédéric Teschner, Paris distrait tant, Festival international de l’affiche et du graphisme, Chaumont, 2010 – Fanette Mellier, Specimen, Pôle graphisme, Chaumont, 2009 – Hey Ho, Quand les murs tombent. L’identité nationale hors—la—loi ?, Éditions Galaade, 2007 – Harmen Liemburg, Ultralight, Graphic Design Festival, Breda, 2009 – M/M (Paris), Théorie du Trickster (Pierre Joseph and Mehdi Belhaj Kacem), 2002 – Jonas Williamsson , Hall of fame, Amsterdam, 2007 – OFFICEABC, Laboratoire exposé, Espace III, Croix Baragnon, Toulouse, 2009 – Laurent Fétis, Bless 13 Basics, 2001 – Hoon Kim, The Paper Speaks, 2008 – Hans Gremmen, Grafische Cultuurprijs, Het Muziektheater, Amsterdam, 2006 – Frédéric Teschner, HQAC (1/4), projet TRANS305, Ivry-sur-Seine, 2008 – Experimental Jetset, Exposition Heimo Zobernig, CAPC, Bordeaux, 2009 – Vier5, Mario CoolFabio Balducci, Une vibration inaudible à l’oreille nue, Viers5 “First Review”, CAC Brétigny, Bretigny-Sur-Orge, 2010 – Jakob Kirch, Mein Block, Kunstverein Leipzig, Leipzig, 2009 – Sacha Leopold & Thibaut Robin, myProvence Festival, 2010 – Pierre Vanni, From 3D to paper, From ink to blood, Lazy Dog, Paris, 2010 – Pinar Demirdag & Viola Renate, Europolis 2010, The Utopian Grids Exhibition, Trouw, Amsterdam – Vier5, Marie Voignier « Hinterland », CAC Brétigny, Bretigny-Sur-Orge, 2009 – M/M (Paris), Hurricane List Of Futures (Hans Ulrich Obrist), 2006 – Vier5, Cyprien Gaillard, Le canard de Beaugrenelle, CAC Brétigny, Bretigny-Sur-Orge, 2008 – OFFICEABC, Conférence Studi, Ecole supérieure des beaux-arts de Toulouse, Muséum d’histoire naturelle, Toulouse, 2010 – Tobias Röttger, TREND, 2008 – OFFICEABC, Images en Mouvement, Ecole supérieure des beaux-arts de Toulouse, La Cinémathèque de Toulouse, 2010 – Richard Niessen & Esther de Vries, 25 Poster Niessen & de Vries, CBK Zuidoost, 2009 – Harmen Liemburg, Dutch Flood , Minneapolis College of Art and Design, 2008 – Sulki & Min, Mevis & Van Deursen: Out of Print, ZeroOne Design Center, Seoul, 2007 – Manuel Raeder, Sex burns, Art and documents in the Berlin Medical Historical Museum of the Charité 2008

> Photos (© Arnaud Brunet & © Pierre Vanni)

Kunstkammer, The representation of an amateur wonder-room by Manystuff – Opening

January 31st, 2011

Kunstkammer, The representation of an amateur wonder-room by Manystuff
Opening, 12MAIL, Paris > More pictures

Photos © Arnaud Brunet & © Saywho

MANYSTUFF «Kunstkammer, Représentation d’un cabinet d’amateur» – Vernissage

January 28th, 2011

Détails: officeabc, Manuel Raeder, Mathias Schweizer

«Kunstkammer, Représentation d’un cabinet d’amateur»
par Manystuff
Du 28 janvier au 25 mars 2011
Vernissage le vendredi 28 janvier de 18h à 21h.
12MAIL… a Red Bull Space, 12 rue du Mail 75002 Paris.

Press Release (uk)
Dossier de presse (fr)

Kunstkammer, The representation of an amateur wonder-room

January 28th, 2011


The representation of an amateur wonder-room

by Manystuff

Representations of amateur wonder-rooms of the 17th century present numerous private canvas collections : in a private interior, walls are covered in an accumulation of juxtaposed canvases with no hierarchy, frame against frame, from the floor to the ceiling. The collector can welcome cultured guests and indulge in his own pleasure for aesthetics and erudite knowledge. An ideal museum, these representations of amateur wonder-rooms combine fiction and reality : an imaginary décor, copies of master pieces and hybrid collections.
The graphic design exhibition KUNSTKAMMER shows the duality of these representations – between fiction and reality – by offering an exhibition room of posters, Manystuff’s collection, in which you can find a series of 6 fictional posters specially created for the occasion and gathered together in a graphical wonder-room.

Amateur exhibition room, Manystuff’s collection:
The first version of Manystuff’s itinerant and progressive collection was displayed for the first time in Moscow in June 2010. For Kunstkammer, Manystuff is exhibiting an original extract of the collection of posters created by French and international contemporaries such as Experimental Jetset, M/M Paris, Vier5, Laurent Fétis, Fanette Mellier, Frédéric Teschner, Pierre Vanni and many more (all informations soon). The scenery is a reproduction of wonder-rooms of the 17th century.

Wonder room, commissioned posters:
6 graphic designers and international studios are each to show their silkscreen printed poster, specially created for the exhibition’s wonder-room. With Abäke, Karl Nawrot, Manuel Raeder, Mathias Schweizer, officeabc & Metahaven.

Printer: Lezard Graphique (Strasbourg)
Handmade calligraphic signage: Jean-Baptiste Levée

On the occasion of Kunstkammer, the independent music label Tigersushi presents its own wonder-room: Play tracks here.

Press Release (uk)
Dossier de presse (fr)

From 28th January to 25th March 2011
Opening Friday 28th January from 6pm to 9pm
12MAIL, Paris

Visual: TENIERS, David the Younger, Archduke Leopold Wilhelm in his Gallery, c. 1647, Oil on copper, 106 x 129 cm, Museo del Prado, Madrid
Permission is granted to copy, distribute and / or modify this document under the terms of the GNU Free Documentation License, Version 1.3 or any later version published by the Free Software Foundation Typographie.

Open Books – Call for submissions

January 17th, 2011

click to enlarge

Kunstkammer (soon)

December 31st, 2010

«Kunstkammer, Représentation d’un cabinet d’amateur»
une exposition Manystuff
28 janvier – 25 mars 2011
galerie 12MAIL, Paris
> Dossier de presse

«Kunstkammer, The representation of an amateur cabinet of art»
a Manystuff exhibition
January 28 – March 25, 2011
12MAIL gallery, Paris
> Press release

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