Paris, France

Charlotte Cheetham is a french curator based in Paris. Her printed projects and exhibitions focus on common issues in graphic design and art incarnated in specific curatorial and editorial practices. It is precisely these points of mutual interest, the intersection between the two disciplines, that interest her.
She has published several books, including, in 2013, The Catalog’s Mongrels, catalog of a series of exhibitions of the same name in the Écoles des Beaux-arts of Toulouse and Nancy, and in the exhibition space – 1 in Paris, also Slide Shows. A Pocket Guide (Fillip, # 18), printed teaser of the book that will document this project began in 2012 in Vancouver. In 2013, she organized a day of lectures, “La Dérive” at the École des Beaux-arts in Paris during Offprint (art book fair); she also has co-curated during two years the art book fair the Salon Light, organized by Cneai (National art center for publishing and image). She regularly gives, in France and in Europe, conferences and workshops questioning the formats and the spaces, and in particular the passage from the exhibition space to the space of the book, and vice versa.
These observation and experimentation attempts, in the exhibition space or the space of the book, are opportunities to make her exploration concrete, focusing on dynamics, ways of thinking, creation processes, as well as on the results of these efforts. Her blog, manystuff.org promotes one possible art and design landscape which reflects these issues.

NEW BLOG/PORTFOLIO: http://charlotte-cheetham.tumblr.com

Get in touch: contact@manystuff.org
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Offprint 2015 , Paris
Offprint 2014 , Paris
Information Room , Saint-Ouen
La Dérive , Paris
Le catalogue et ses hybrides #3 , Nancy
Salon Light #9 , Paris
Le catalogue et ses hybrides #2 , Paris
Text Library , Arnhem
Le catalogue et ses hybrides #1 , Toulouse
Salon Light #8 , Paris
Open Books II , Paris
Open Books I , London
CODEX , Toulouse
Manystuff room, Les nuits sonores , Lyon
Qompendium, Time Capsule Series , Berlin
Reflet exhibition , Toulouse



Open Books Volumes A-E
Slide Shows , the book
Slide Shows booklet , Fillip
Le catalogue et ses hybrides/The Catalog’s mongrels
Journal-Supplément , Salon Light #8 , cneai=
Album – From Kunstkammers to Vanitas
Open Books
Codex catalogue
Manystuff #2 – About your process
Manystuff #1 – One possible catalyst
Manystuff #0 – More real than fiction



The Most _______ Kask Library Books , Kask, Gent
Version Originale – A fictional history of graphic design , Sint-Lucas, Gent
Version Originale – One possible catalogue , Kask, Gent
A books as prism , Centro de Arte Dos de Mayo, Madrid
An ideal library , Sint-Lucas, Gent
Workshop , EHU, Vilnius



Curating Graphic Design , Copenhagen
Eady Forum , London
Ensad , Paris
Esad , Orléans
Ensba , Lyon
PrintRoom , Rotterdam
Dizajn (r)ewolucja / Design (r)evolution , Warsaw
Fahrenheit 39 , Ravenna
KASKlezingen , Gent
ESAAA , Annecy
Theophile’s Papers Panorama n°15 , Paris
Université II Le Mirail , Toulouse
Print Centre, by Fillip during Institutions by Artists , Vancouver
Vancouver Art/Book Fair , Vancouver
Graphic Design, Exhibiting, Curating , Bozen-Bolzano
Kolla! Affisch Festival , Stockholm
Corner College , Zürich
Curatorial Studies, ESAD , Porto
VCUarts , Richmond
First Issue , Frankfurt am Main
Some Conference , Halle
Amsterdam Art/Book Fair 2011 , Amsterdam
Sofia Design Week , Sofia



Slide Shows

Library Residency , Emily Carr University, Vancouver

Blog, 01-12.2012, cneai = issues FB blog

Advisory, Les Siestes Électroniques 2013 & Revue Audimat, Numéro 1
Advisory, Les Siestes Électroniques 2012 & Revue Audimat, Numéro 0

Video, AIGA Chicago International Small Talk

Jury, Ensba , Lyon
Jury, DSAA, Lycée des Arènes , Toulouse
Jury, Adera , Annecy
Topic/Jury, ESAG Penninghen , Paris
Jury, Croatia Design 0910 , Zagreb
Jury, ERG Jurys 2010 , Bruxelles

Report, Fernand Baudin 2011 , Bruxelles
Report, Pa/per view 2011 , Bruxelles
Report, BOLD ITALIC 2011 , Gent
Report, IDKWIGBITWTBT , Amsterdam
Report, Salon Light #7 , Paris
Report, Pressroom, RCA , London
Report, 20ème Festival International de l’Affiche et du Graphisme , Chaumont

Special issue, GRAPHIC #12 Manystuff issue , by GRAPHIC


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