Open Books II

Umberto Eco, Le nom de la rose, extrait (enlargeenglish version)

Open Books II
by Charlotte Cheetham & Sophie Demay

Open Books is a project initiated by curators Charlotte Cheetham & Sophie Demay, which questions the representation and exhibition of the book as an object.

Presented in London in February 2011, its first version aspired to examine this theme by exhibiting a selection of books, projects and installations. The exhibition design was specifically commissioned and conceived as a response these questions and served to anchor the project, which also took shape in a publication that both documented this collection of experiments and provided some theoretical grounding for them.

The projects’ second version uses the corpus of publications exhibited in London as a starting point. Through a process of extracting references, the installation provides the public with a reflection and reinterpretation of the initial selection. This extended collection invites the public to discover and consult these objects and their apparent connections.