A mapping of randomness

DIASPAR is forty-five reactions to randomness generated by internationally recognised experts from dozens of different fields. These articles overlap each other in complex ways, drawing lines of connection that crosshatch into a map which must be navigated as a labyrinth. It slowly explains itself as you travel through it, but there is no end (or beginning).

With contributions by: Mark Amsler (language and literature), Anonymous (librarian), Brian Boyd (literature), John Brooks (microbiology), Arthur Buehler (religious studies), Cristian Calude (mathematics and computer science), David Carradine (timber research engineering), Pip Cheshire (architecture), Michael Dinneen (computer science), Anna Gardner (art), Peter Gilderdale (calligraphy and graphic design), Mat Goddard (evolution and natural selection), Max Harris (law), King Tong Ho (photography), Maarten Hoogerland (quantum physics), Humphrey Ikin (sculpture and furniture design), Ruth Irwin (interdisciplinary ethics and philosophy), Joel Lauterbach (probation, corrections and social work), Bill Manhire (poetry), Scott Parkins (quantum optics), John Raine (forensic engineering), Natalie Robertson (photography), Kim Sinclair (art direction of films), Mike Steel (mathematics), Veronica Strang (environmental anthropology), Jonty Valentine (graphic design), Luke Wood (graphic design), Oliver Woods (political science), Ian Yeoman (tourism futurology)

Launch: December 3, 2010
Split Fountain, Auckland

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