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Inside the White Cube & Cahier Clairefontaine (Yann Serandour), 1:1:1 (Niessen & de Vries), revue 2.0.1, X Book (Glenn Cummings et Adam Michaels), White Smoke (Hexaplex), A wikipedia reader (Mylinh Trieu Nguyen & David Horvitz), Alphabet Truck (Eric Tabuchi), White Night Before a Manifesto (Metahaven), Viewer’s Digest newspaper series (Erol Gemma & Nazareno Crea), Andy de Fiets: Letter to Robin Kinross (Paul Haworth & Sam de Groot), Can I make everybody happy (Dag Brandsaeter & Noa Segal), Veneer (Flint Jamison), Useless, Catalogtree: Implicit None, Logical Done (Jeremy Jansen), Center For Book Technology (CFBT), (Un)Limited Store, Un arbre Un mur Un bassin (Guillaume PInard), Chaumont: fictions (des livres bizarres) (Fanette Mellier), Cholo Writing: latino Gang Graffiti in Los Angeles (François Chastanet), Umool Umool (Na kim), Troubles, ClaraClara, Documentation Céline Duval, Treatting of matters which he who reads will see and he who listens to them when read will hear (RCA students), Trails (For Further Information, Wayne Daly), Faceb, Fade to Black (Philippe Parreno), Tract (Thomas Bernard, Marie Canet & Cédric Vincent), Titles of the show (Julia Born & Laurenz Brunner), Fallen Books (Melissa Dubbin & Aaron S. Davidson), FAN (BAT éditions), Théâtre de Poche volume 1 (Aurélien Froment), The Crystal Hypothesis (Yoan Gourmel & Elodie Royer), Heavy Metal (news) around the world (Sulki & Min), How I am not myself? (Asher Penn), The complete “A task of poetry” set (Onomatopee), Steal this book (Dora Garcia), I am you (Ellen Tongzhou Zhao), If A then B, Serendipity (Hans Gremmen), Seconde Main (Hypertexte), Kate Moss Rorschach (Asher Penn), KesselsKrammer Publishing, Riley and his story (Monica Haller), Répétition dans l’épilogue (Christophe Lemaître), Komfort Mag, L’art de la chasse (Régis Tosetti), PWR PAPER (Hanna Terese Nilsson & Rasmus Svensson), Plan B (Barbara Hennequin & Kees Bakker), La méthode Bernadette, Laser Magazin (beni Bischof), Pixaçao: Sao paulo Signature (François Chastanet), Permanent Food, Les Arques 88 (Abake & Aurélien Froment), Liner Notes Conversation about making books i.e. Leipzig (Markus Dreben, Lina Grumm, Anno König & Jan Wenzel), Peep-Hole (Vincenzo de Bellis & Bruna Roccasalva), On the Self-Reflexive Page (Louis Luthi), Manuels volume 3 (Yona Friedman), Medium, Nouvelles Ruines chapitre 1 Chiasme (Pierre Vanni), Nazi Knife, Metronome 9 (Clémentine Deliss & Thomas Boutoux), Mosquitos Elephants Mountains & Molehills (Bart de Baets).

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