Salon Light #7 – Fw:

Hans Gremmen

Could you please present yourself and your activities.

Fw: is an independent organisation that initiates projects, publications, exhibitions, lectures and gatherings between photographers, writers and curators. Fw: consists of Karin Krijgsman, Dieuwertje Komen, Petra Stavast and Hans Gremmen. Fw: was initiated in 2004 by young photographers who started making publications from the need of reflection on their work. Anno 2009 Fw: is not a collective anymore, but functions as an platform of networks around a generation contemporary photographers. Fw: considers it as its task to give new impulses to the work of photographers and to contact them with people of their generation in the same work field through reflection and cooperation. Projects and cooperation’s immerge by reacting on actual questions, events and needs in and around our network.

What about the aspects of artistic independence and financial autonomy?

Independence is the ability to make things without compromising. In any way.
Financial autonamy is the easy part: just focus on the things that are on the table.

What about the “author/graphic designer/printer/publisher/distributor complicity” in such editorial projects?

What about it?

What about DIY/ Home Made / Tradition and technical aspect in your practice?

I am very sceptical when it comes to ‘Home Made’. For several reasons. First of all i feel locked out as a reader, when it comes to these obstacles. I assume that i am not part of the intimate circle of incrowd friends that these publications are always made for. Another reason of my sceptic approach is that i never like the sense of nostalgia that most of these publications have. I –for instance– do not have a problem with a techniques such as stencil, but most of the times it is a pastiche; to create a visual effect. Almost everybody gets trapped in that. Only a few times i saw that the borders of the technique were pushed. Think for instance of the great publications that Will Holder and Stuart Bailey made with this technique. It has to do with the urge to lead, or the urge to follow, or to be the crowd.

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