Different Repetitions

Different Repetitions
It is a funny little place – the space of books. This small show will have some art and a lot of books. The artists make different kinds of books, but they all make books. All the artists repeat themselves, in some way. The loose construct for this grouping of work focuses on strategies for seeking out images and the impulse towards repetition in an artist’s process and also in the final work. There are many artists’ books that lean on photography – photographs that are made, found, reproduced, reworked and put onto a page and then the pages are put together with other pages.
Celine Duval and Elisabeth Tonnard both work extensively with archives of photographs, sorting them and drawing out connected gestures, narratives and forms.
Rick Myers and David Horvitz both insert their body in the process – documenting their own repeated gestures, behaviors and observations – tracing a sentiment, an after-image, or the metamorphosis of a material.
f.ART is brand new. The two artists/editors, Rachael Morrison and Ivalyo Gueorgiev, have been accumulating found images and creating a magazine of collage.
Accumulation is a big part of the idea here, of artists’ that accumulate images, collect gestures and allow them to hang together in the space of their work. A book can serve as a container for these accumulations, and its space can be a discrete area for these projections of memory, movement, and thought.

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