VOCO designfest (upcoming)

VOCO designfest

VOCO means voice. VOCO is Esperanto. VOCO connects civilisations. In lectures, exhibitions and workshops, international designers, and theoreticians raise their voices about design as a society defined by discipline. VOCO is spotting new trends. VOCO is going to be a festival – a designfest about the civilisation shaped and civilisation establishing role of design. The first VOCO is about GHOSTS, BARBARIANS and EXOTICS.

Which ghosts are wandering through our society? Who is defining today’s zeitgeist? Zeitgeist describes the spirit of the here and now, articulating the characteristics of our epoch. How do we define our current culture? Which subcultures are significant? What influence do fashion, music and art have on today’s culture? What does contemporary design look like in these disciplines? With Frédéric Teschner & Mario Lombardo .

We would like to think that creative artists represent the beauty and good in humans. They reflect the opposite of cultural indifference and barbarism. But something completely new can only be created by breaking with old traditions. How are new radical forms created? Where are the borders of supposedly poor taste? Who defines taste as good or bad?
With Alex Jordan & Daniel van der Velden/Metahaven.

The exotic, the different and the strange is an object of fascination on the one hand and on the other, it helps form identity in our increasingly globalized world. A global experience is created by the accelerated transfer of information and modern technologies. People from different parts of the world are now eyewitnesses to the same political and media events. The local experience is influenced by the global. Asian or third world countries have a completely different aesthetic appearance from Western cultures. What are the similarities and what are the differences? Where are new images and trends created? How is culture created out of new images and designs? With Reza Abedini & Jianping He.

As an introduction, a scientific lecture will explain the coherences between culture, civilisation and society, philosophy and design to get an extended background knowledge and to advance the view for the following lectures of the designers.

Together with international speakers and workshopleaders – Annik Troxler, Karl Nawrot, Jung & Wenig . The 56th TDC-Show from New York will display the best typographic works from all over the world. The Mag-Schau will present the newest trends in editorial design. Magazines will be opened and horizons will be widened.

3. & 4. December 2010
FH W-S, Würzburg

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