Pre-Specifics: Access X!

Pre-Specifics: Access X! targets and progressively clarifies stances and design strategies that respond to and adopt the exhibition form as a model for critical inquiry and knowledge production.
Taking its title and pronouncing its setting from Vera Bühlmann´s book Pre-Specifics, the project takes up the positioning of variable “X” to stand for the enlarged sphere of influence that design has achieved via various activities of research, conceptualization and criticality. As such, Pre-Specifics: Access X! aims to map, define and display concrete, pre-specific constraints, stances and strategies to develop an understanding and meaning of “X” by determining the “conduct or context it is fitted to produce” (James).
Here, the tangible aspects of the exhibition´s development will consist in bringing attention to and reflecting upon the negotiated differences between the participants’ design practices and production.

Contributors: Platform for Pedagogy, Uglycute, Olaf Nicolai, Dexter Sinister, Joana Meroz, Unfold, Metahaven, Lust, Ludovic Balland, Claire Fountaine, Société Réaliste, Ryan Gander, Åbäke, Dave Hullfish Bailey and Florian Conradi / Michelle Christensen.
Curators: Freek Lomme and Michael Capio; Exhibition design: Dave Keune; Graphic design: Ludovic Balland.

Phase I. September 4 – 26
Röda Sten, Gothenburg, Sweden
Objective: Process stances, formulate objectives, strategies and vocabulary

Phase II. October 23 – 31
Onomatopee, Eindhoven, The Netherlands, during Dutch Design Week
Objective: Activate Stances

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