Latent stare

Latent stare,
a project exploring the practice, methods and messages of type-design.

Latent stare proposes a gathering and study of selected typefaces and stories originating from the time of the 1900′s onwards when technology had accelerated – and had begun to affect – the production and distribution of new types. The binding feature of the selected material is affiliated to a political, social or spiritual set of beliefs which feedback into the typefaces creation, design and/or use. The designer has been held accountable in some way for their creation. Latent stare suggests an investigational approach to the material, with the thought of re-evaluating ideas surrounding the designed alphabet; including proposals, rejections and possibilities.

The project will be situated and conducted in the design department at the Jan Van Eyck Academie in Maatstricht, NL – and will be a year in duration. Latent stare is open to (type)-desingers, artists, linguists and morphologists, above all, those interested in the form and production of the published word. Application deadline is the 1st of October 2010.

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