Department 21 – the book

Department 21 has been a temporary, physical space established by students as an experiment in interdisciplinary practice throughout January and February 2010 at the Royal College of Art.
For seven weeks, students from all departments had the opportunity to inhabit Department 21 and to take advantage of a truly multi-disciplinary creative hub. Here the students created a new kind of conceptual and social learning environment. Whilst continuing to develop independent projects, students shared thoughts in cross-disciplinary crits, brought in tutors for open tutorials, led and participated in workshops, invited outside lecturers, joined informal events and explored how their practice can evolve in an open and discursive environment.

Department 21 – The book
This compilation of texts and visual works gives an imaginative account of Department 21 and is complementary to the web site.
The wide range of texts comprise hard facts, essays, reflections, conversations and poems. The visual works include illustrations, photographs, graphs and graphics.

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