Manystuff posters Collection,
a graphic design (posters) Cabinet of curiosities (Kunstkammer) / french cabinet (Art collector room took as a starting point for the scenography.
More pictures here :

Participants : Martijn Maas, Lenneke Heeren, Hey Ho, Grapus, Nicoles Martens, Sulki & Min, Sandra Kassenaar, Tobias Roettger, Manuel Raeder, Stripe SF, Richard Niessen & Esther de Vries, Hans Gremmen, Harmen Liemburg, Pierre Vanni, à 2 c’est mieux, Laurent Fétis, Tu sais qui, Frédéric Teschner, Fanette Mellier, Na Kim, Karl Nawrot, Hoon Kim, Jonas Williamsson, Officeabc, Claudia Doms, Adeline Mollard, Phillipe Egger, Katharina Reidy, Pinar & Viola, Sacha Leopold & Thibault Robin, Jan en Randoald, Roel Wouters & Job Wouters, Protey Temen, Pavel Milyakov, Dima Kavko, Anton Gerasimenko. (download more informations)

Loft of Red October from 18 to 27 June , Moscow

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