PARALLEL SCHOOL, DAY 4&5: print of the publication
more pictures of the printing process here :

Project Parallel school aims to think about parallel ways of self-education, to share interests, point of views and make projects, by using the Web. The main statement is that students can learn while initiating projects, outside the academic school context, and invite, organize, meet people in a working process. The label «parallel school» is copyleft, and can be used by anyone who wants to organize learning and working contexts. The activities of its students are shared on the blog, and would like to generate and spread work emulation.

“We propose to create an ephemeral public space as an exchange area for work and experimentation around graphic design, art, education and learning processes. These exchanges will lead to a publication, which
will relate the activities of the workshop and thus consider a certain approach of publishing (in situ & limited short time) as a strong part of the workshop. Each participant of the workshop had to think, shape, design, and bind a collective self-published outcome in the particular context of 5 days. It was a good opportunity to share knowledges, cultural interests, ideas on art, design and education.

“The story of pedagogy is more a story of love than a story of didactic materials”. Question the expected positions on learning processes and experiment parallel ways of working and exchanging.
Activities were to generate ephemeral experiences of learning and publishing (in a large sense), including the production of a collective self-published outcome (editorial concept / contribution / design / printing / binding) that will correlate the workshop’s activities and questions.
People involved was asked to bring their ignorance and curiosity, as well as books, texts and questions around design and education; to propose a way of exchanging/learning/teaching that can take any form (lecture, common reading, screening, playfull activity, performance, drawing, writing, etc.) and that was shared and/or experienced with every participant.”

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