Officeabc (Catherine Guiral & Brice Domingues) workshop

“We’d like to bounce back on the idea of «sensorium». Sensorium is, by its greek ethymology aistheterion, the place of all sensations. Aristotles described it as a region in the brain centralizing the datas provided by all human senses. In a way a movie could be a sensorium. A physical and virtual organ of sensations. You see and hear but also smell. Touch and taste, if you extend the movie experience to eating popcorns, associates the three major senses to more tangible experiences. Cinema is also, as described by Jean Epstein, an «hypnosis-machine», something in between dream, sleep and attention. Suddenly when the end credits roll, do you really believe you are back in reality? We’d like to work with the notion of end credits and what French call «générique». Again the ethymology is quite interesting. It comes from the latin genere which means to create. A générique is also a list. Words appearing at the end. This is where we will start from. The End.”

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