MANYSTUFF INTERNATIONAL GRAPHIC DESIGN SESSION is a project to take place in Moscow, curated by MANYSTUFF and managed by Moscow-based AGNCY company and Strelka Institute.

On 18th June the exhibition is going to be launched. A hundred posters will be displayed in the loft of Red October from 18 to 27 June.
Participants : Martijn Maas, Lenneke Heeren, Hey Ho, Grapus, Nicoles Martens, Sulki & Min, Sandra Kassenaar, Tobias Roettger, Manuel Raeder, Stripe SF, Richard Niessen & Esther de Vries, Hans Gremmen, Harmen Liemburg, Pierre Vanni, à 2 c’est mieux, Laurent Fétis, Tu sais qui, Frédéric Teschner, Fanette Mellier, Na Kim, Karl Nawrot, Hoon Kim, Jonas Williamsson, Officeabc, Claudia Doms, Adeline Mollard, Phillipe Egger, Katharina Reidy, Pinar & Viola, Sacha Leopold & Thibault Robin, Jan en Randoald, Protey Temen, Pavel Milyakov, Dima Kavko, Anton Gerasimenko.

The session starts on 14th June 2010 with an educational program that includes Parallel School Open space (14-19 June) and a five-day-long workshop by Officeabc (16-21 June).
Program participants: Samuel Bonnet & Maël Fournier-Comte + guests Roel Wouters, Robert Sollis & Pierre Vanni / Officeabc (Brice Domingues & Catherine Guiral).

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