LUX ET VERITAS & GZFM / Space Hamilton

the Yale Graphic Design MFA 2009 thesis book exhibition

The original LUX ET VERITAS show took place at the Yale School of Art in New Haven, Connecticut, US in May 2009. Seoul is the third destination of the traveling exhibition after Basel, Switzerland in November 2009 and Berlin, Germany in February 2010. This exhibition presents thesis books of 16 students containing two years of work in addition to their theses. The show will also include video documentation of selected works. (LUX ET VERITAS website here)

“So, this is a condensed, simplified version of our thesis show at the Yale School of Art. The original idea was to create an exhibition primarily of material objects that contained none of those objects—videos of graphic design rather than the real thing. This decision was reached after many prolonged meetings, protracted conversations, and near stalemates among the sixteen of us as we sought a means of collectively presenting our work. We wondered how to show our print, interactive, motion, and environmental pieces in a gallery setting. It seemed disappointing to heave an armload of objects onto a table and just leave them there, so disembodied from the world for which they were designed. Finally, we agreed to forgo the objects, turn off the lights, and present our work immaterially, as a series of looping video reels, immersing visitors in an ever-changing spatial collage of our efforts.

Faced with the opportunity to take the show from New Haven to a wider, international audience, and the attendant realities of displaying the work within small spaces, we assembled an edited selection of the videos designed to use only one projector (a re-presentation of a show about re-representation, if you like). This necessarily shifts the balance away from the videos and toward our thesis books, the only material objects in the original exhibition…”

- excerpt from the exhibition brochure



Gazzazapzi is an independent magazine which has been irregularly published by Hyungjae Kim, Eunju Hong and their friends since 2007. The works in Gazzazapzi are contributed by designers, artists and writers. The 4th edition is forthcoming.

Gazzazapzi occupies the space hamilton where once was an used furniture shop as their GZFM studio. The works presented through 4 channels of GZFM was made particularly for the occasion based on the works previously published in Gazzazapzi.

*’gazza’ means fake, ‘gazzazapzi’ means ‘fake magazine’ in Korean.
participants: HyungJae Kim & EunJu Hong, Kyong Kim, Junwoo Choi, Donghyuk Shin & Haeok Shin , Jiyun Kim, Kyungrim Lee, Mediabus, Jae-Hyouk Sung, SeokJi Jeon, Hanuku, Sungho Ha, Yujin, Minsun Eo, Eunwha Choi, Mirimi


May 16th – May 28th
Space Hamilton, Seoul

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