Use Me, Abuse Me

Use Me, Abuse Me
curated by Erik Kessels

Use Me, Abuse Me begins with Kessels’ a posteriori observation that easy access to photography tools and software results in quicker, more facile modes of image production, consumption and disposal. Perhaps a condition of this state, a plethora of photographers and image-makers are experimenting with pre-existing images and using them within their own work on an unprecedented scale. Photographs are variously collected, reinterpreted, cut, copied, pasted and generally abused.
Erik Kessels’ show is about how images and image-making technology influence artists and photographers. Use Me, Abuse Me explores several questions, including: Where will image-making take us? Will all existing photography be endlessly recycled? Will we soon see more photographers taking fewer photographs? How far can we stretch the medium of photography?

With Linus Bill, Lucas Blalock, Marcel Gähler, Osang Gwon , Paul Kooiker, Eva-Fiore Kovacovsky, Renato Leotta, Thomas Mailaender, Sanja Medic, Chantal Rens, Claudia Sola, Asha Schechter, Joachim Schmid, Batia Suter, Ruth Van Beek

From 12 to 16 may
during the NewYork Photofestival
Smack Mellon Gallery, New York

Use Me, Abuse Me talks
Thursday, May 13, 3pm: Paul Kooiker
Friday, May 14, 3pm: Thomas Mailaender
Saturday, May 15, 3pm: Batia Suter
Sunday, May 16, 3pm: Erik Kessels
St. Ann’s Warehouse, New York

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