Sameness & Difference / Designers Furniture

Sameness & Difference sets out to investigate how artists working today engage with furniture – as a medium, muse, or subject. The show examines how furniture – simultaneously elementary and yet the most designed of objects – is integral to our daily life. It will explore how this rudimentary relationship has been coupled in recent times with an underlying experimental impulse to dissolve art into life. It is this impulse that lies at the heart of many artists’ fascination with furniture.
With Owen Bullett, Michael Landy, Particia Bickers, Daniel Eatock, Simon Faithfull, Barry Flanagan, Ryan Gander, Matt Golden, Tadashi Kawamata, Natsue Ikeda, Katsuhito Nishikawa, Yuko Shiraishi, Gary Woodley, Bruce McLean, Jo Volley, Estelle Thompson, Rachel Whiteread, Richard Woods, Roy Voss

Designers Furniture is an exhibition and limited edition shop developed in with Sameness & Difference. The show examines many designers fascination with form as well as looking at whats in a name, when it comes to contemporary design practice in all its many guises.
With Jean Jullien, Körner Union, Gemma Holt, Michael Marriott, PostlerFerguson, Oscar&Ewan, Damien Poulain, Christoph Priglinger, Vandasye

Sameness & Difference, May 27 – July 03
Designers Furniture, June 25 – July 03
The Russian Club, London

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