O.K. Festival / 3 Days of Magazines

O.K. Festival shows survey of beautiful and strange magazines.

O.K. Festival / 3 Days of Magazines, a unique three-day event entirely devoted to the independent magazine. The programme features an exposition of special magazines and workshops by renowned magazine designers, as well as debates on various topics, festivities and interesting encounters.
Thousands of independent magazines exist worldwide, with millions of readers. Their magazines are usually spread in limited edition and behind them is an active new scene of magazine design. During the O.K. festival the most striking examples will be gathered in an exhibition. There will be room for Dutch art, design and architecture magazines like Mister MotleyOne Page Magazine from the Netherlands, the Spanish art magazine La Más Bella, which takes on a marvelously original form for every new issue (ranging from a candy machine to a wallet), the Swiss ‘Nimes’, the Finnish A4 Casino, the South African music magazine BruceLee, the English magazine slash diary ‘Karen’ and periodicals like Yummy and Meat Magazine, the lifestyle glossy for carnivores.

Creative director William van Giessen sees the independent magazine as an answer to the uniformity of the mass media: ‘The printed media are falling victim to increasingly strict formats. Sales figures reign. In the gaping hole they leave behind the independent magazine manifests itself. Everything that is excluded by the mainstream media finds its place here. In this sense, the independent magazine offers a sanctuary to designers, illustrators and writers. It is at times defiant and headstrong but always brimming with energy and playfulness. Readers from across the world are increasingly drawn to its versatility, originality and creativity. Whereas the printed media are trying to come to terms with diminishing advertising revenues, the independent magazine thrives. It achieves this by embracing the new media and ‘social networking’, phenomena that large publishers are still struggling to understand.

16, 17 and 18 April 2010.
Villa Sonsbeek, Arnhem

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