Formats for Books: Hyphen Press and Design Publishing

Formats for books: Hyphen Press and design publishing

Hyphen Press was started in 1980 to make a new edition of a book that had fallen out of print: What is a designer by Norman Potter. Thirty years on, Hyphen now takes its place among the specialist design publishers in Europe and America. By comparison with most of them, its list of publications is short, but also comparatively wide in scope. At the core of the list are a number of historical and practical books about typography and graphic design. True to the spirit of its first book, which invited us to •read on, but not for easy answers•, the catalogue now includes works of philosophy, of fiction, and a book of conversation about music – all of which have some bearing on the activity of design. A strong feature of the practice of Hyphen Press is the way in which editing and design become one process: something that is made possible by the fact that most of its authors are also designers, and designers with a strong editorial awareness. Design then becomes part of the process of shaping a book, rather than something brought in after the content has been established . . .

20th March – 8th May 2010
International Project Space, Birmingham

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