Extra artisan trade workshop export complete import programme, by Neda Firfova, is an interactive book, designed in the attempt to preserve old shop signs and their important graphic design value. This book is designed in a way that the content is hidden and remains a surprise until the reader decides to engage him/herself into discovering it. How much and in which way the content is discovered depends solely on the reader and therefore, each reader is capable of creating his own personalized copy, at any time.

The shop signs featured in Extra artisan trade workshop export complete import programme come from the Skopje Old Bazaar. They have functioned through the years with the utmost originality of advertising strategy. Shop owners had changed, businesses had developed, practices had closed down but the standard of hand produced typography and masterfully created neon signs have remained. These signs have been standing proud, inseparable from their cityscape, growing into signs of the times, rather than signs of retailing communication.

Exhibition from December 18th to december 26th 2009
Vacant, Tokyo

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