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Grégoire Alix-Tabeling
the “Territoires en Résidences” project

“I am developing “communication design” during my master in the RCA. After a graduation at the ENSAD in Paris I decided to focus on the investigation coming before any brief for graphic design, and use graphic design as a final tool if necessary. A communication designer should be working in collaboration with all types of creator as designers, scientist and politics in order to extract a brief of a situation or a specific context. The “Territoires en résidences”is the perfect example.

Territoires en résidences in Lille is a work in progress about the working environement of the representatives of Région Nord Pas de Calais (the council for the northern part of France). This is research so far in the social innovation program organised by association of the french Councils. The Région Nord Pas de Calais agreed to participate and provided us with space and their time.
This project is made in collaboration with a product designer, service designer and a political scientist.
This project comprises of three steps, each consisting of one week residencies taking place in the Lille Council assembly building.
The first week involved meeting some council representatives and their assistants, in order to gain an understanding of the organisation and their working methods.
The goal of the second week residency was to highlight the problems discovered during the previous week. We aimed to develop solutions whilst working directly with the people concerned. At the end of the week we presented possible solutions to the issues raised to all who were involved.
The third week consisted of testing and application of proposed solutions in the work environment.
Out of these residency we developed three projects possibly realisable by the council.”


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