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The title “Nachschlag” turns the thematic of the series of events around the culinary motive. Like the shapes, cooking is also a strongly procedure at whose end the prepared meal stands – ready for the consumption. Although the final product functions alone for itself, it is nevertheless inseparably bound to the preceding development process. On the basis of that “cooking/shape” analogy , we would like to argue about these individual stages of this work process.
The first week of events is under the theme “recipe”, the second one closes with “ingredients”, the third deals with the “cooking” and the fourth deals with the “food”.
The analogy is to be freely interpreted by the speakers for their work, their creative work and their life as a creative application.
With Lars Harmsen, Manuel Raeder, Pfadfinderei , Siggi Eggertsson, NODE Berlin Oslo, Guido Heffels, Eike König, Erik Spiekermann.
All lectures are for free and there is no registration required.

5-27 november 2009
Universität der Künste Medienhaus, Berlin

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