Take on me (take me on)

Take on me (take me on)

During the Dutch Design Week 2009, the Van Abbemuseum presents Take on me (take me on), a live-exhibition project curated by Freek Lomme and Hadas Zemer. It features four groups of “artistic designers”, individuals or agencies whose ways of working fall outside the usual, conservative definitions of “art” and “design”.
Each group will create their own production line in one of the four corners of the original part of the museum and gradually extend their working process throughout the building.
The live exhibition will also accommodate various other activities during the week that will mix with these production centres. These include public discussions, lectures, film screenings, debates, and the production of a daily newspaper.

The four groups on assignment to Take on me (take me on) are: Acclair, Conditional Design, Metahaven, and Orgacom. They will develop their own production methods while interacting with each other and, above all, with the public – creating their work in a concerted effort with their visitors on an alternative and collaborative factory floor in the museum. In this way questions about the methods of production that are often hidden from consumers come into view. We are the ones defining our own living environment, aren’t we? Why is something produced? What does production – particularly artistic production – have to offer us? And how does it fit in with our own personal frame of reference?

Acclair : What does our brain tell us about our authentic self? To measure is to know, which is just what Acclair does: they define what art and culture means to you, in a professional, competent and impressively scientific way.
Conditional Design: The act of designing is based on rules. Conditional Design has created a manifesto of explicit rules for design processes. The project invites visitors to use the designers as a vehicle for wall paintings, in accordance with several specific rules.
Metahaven : Image is identity. Image is politics. Image is a choice. Metahaven presents a graphic jungle in which specific choices must be made in order to avoid getting lost.
Orgacom: A combination of organisation and communication, Orgacom focuses on the conception and realisation of new roles for art in trade, industry, and non-profit organisations. Together with local amateur groups, they will create an interdisciplinary production floor, bridging low and high culture.
There’s more than the factory…

from 17 to 25 October
Van Abbemuseum, Eindhoven, The Netherlands

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