The Session

The Session is a collective of eight designers and artists that make a thematic, interdisciplinary fanzine since September 2007.
The Session manufactures theme-zines in the finest DIY spirit, serving serious readers through a distribution network consisting of dealers. (…)
The Session takes place for one day every second month, during which works around a specific theme are being made. The group uses different methods and media, from drawing to research to songwriting. (…) The members of the group are taking turns in deciding the theme to work with, members can invite other people to join a session. The one deciding for the theme is the publisher of the issue and responsible for editing, design and (re-)production. This means that every issue will look different, that every issue will be compiled with a different approach and produced in a different way, testing out formats and techniques. (…)

The special edition, The Last Session, around the theme Endism is not only a publication, but also takes the form of an exhibition, a cinema and a radio station, from 18 September to 18 October 2009, in Amsterdam.

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