Cannon magazine

Cannon magazine — For literary artillery . . .

Due to financial constraints, the production of the first issue of Cannon is being broken down into a series of sporadically produced sixteen-page signatures, some of which will be distributed as they are printed, and the remainder kept aside to be collated and bound in June 2009. This staggered approach to production allows Cannon to exist without the crutch of financial support, spreading costs and delaying my inevitable lesson into the impossibility of truly independent publishing.

The left-to-right, east-to-west structure of the finished magazine will thus correlate to the chronology of its production, the first page having been printed six months before the last. Section by section the magazine will evolve or renew its standpoint, reflecting a slow digestion of its themes, rather than suggesting a neatly packaged thought which has sprung from the mind, onto the page. Cannon will grow up in public.

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