Mike Mills: “The Only Way Out Is Through”

Mike Mills:
“The Only Way Out Is Through”

As an artist, Mike Mills manages to switch between disciplines and embraces all of them with ease. His drawings, graphic art, photos and installations have been displayed in group and solo exhibitions all over the world.
With the help of drawings, pamphlets, historic findings and music and video installations, Mills tries to examine how the individual interacts within the larger historic context. Where does the interface lie between history and personal feelings and decisions? Do the two have a mutual effect on one another? In his works, Mills not only deals with his own youth with particular focus on 1971 and 1978, but also with the youth of his audience by exploring the present.

Opening: Friday 30 January 2009, 7 – 11 pm
Exhibition: 31 January – 14 March 2009
Pool Gallery, Berlin

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