lawrence weiner: written on the wind

Lawrence Weiner: Written on the wind – september 21, 2013 to january 5, 2014, Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam – is a comprehensive survey of works on paper by Lawrence Weiner, one of the most culturally engaged artists of our time.

The exhibition comprises an extensive survey of nearly 300 drawings produced over a fifty-year period. The exhibition takes visitors on a journey through the artist’s remarkable trajectory in drawing— from cartoons, notebooks, and otherwise unseen working material and sketches, together with formal works on paper. The exhibition is narrated by his gestural graphics, leading the viewer into the sensibility of Weiner’s oeuvre. Many works contain his initial thoughts and ideas that are often seen transformed into the artists sculptural works using language. Drawing is at the origin and underlines his entire production; the exhibition itself is organized as if it were a drawing in and of itself, as the exhibition has been composed by the artist in a specially designed architectural installation.

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