Drop City, a new documentary

In 1962, Gene Bernofsky, Jo Ann Bernofsky and Clark Richert were students at the University of Kansas in Lawrence. Gene and Clark developed a concept they called “Drop Art”. “Dropping” artworks from the rooftop of a loft space in Lawrence, they were making art a spontaneous part of everyday life in the face of a society they saw as increasingly materialistic and war-mongering. In 1965, they bought a small piece of land near Trinidad, Colorado and ?called their settlement Drop City. They were soon joined by other artists, writers and inventors, and they started building a community that celebrated creative work.

Drop City’s dazzling structures were based on Buckminster Fuller’s geodesic domes and the crystalline designs of Steve Baer, a pioneer in geometric structure and solar energy. The Droppers had little building experience, but they were full of ingenuity and exuberance. Drop City became a lab for experimental building and and inspired a generation of alternative communities…

Drop City, a new documentary, screenings, as part of:

Architecture on Film, July 9, 2013, 7pm, The Architecture Foundation, London
West of Center: Art and the Counterculture Experiment in America, 1965 1977, July 10, 2013, 7pm, Mills College Art Museum, Oakland

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