Two in the Wave – Cahier 2 – CC

The exhibition Two in the Wave, with works by with Thomas Jenkins and Batia Suter – until May 25, PrintRoom, Rotterdam – presents two works concerned with the artistic treatment of printed–matter and the book in light of our surrounding seas, oceans and the connotations these seemingly boundless expanses put forward. As advanced by the two works, there is a sensible retreat from the documentary image to its recovery in the element of the fictional.

The exhibition is accompanied by a number of artist publications and bookworks sharing a similar resonance and topicality, employed to showcase different perspectives and entries on the artistic engagement with bound volumes and the aquatic. In addition, the publication Cahier 2 – CC features a selected correspondence between Niekolaas Johannes Lekkerkerk, curator of the exhibition, and Thomas Jenkins, revolving around the work The Seas and Oceans of The World.

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