Veronika Spierenburg – THIS BOOK (1) & (2), In Order of Pages, Between Handle and Blade

THIS BOOK is an investigation series of Zurich based performance artist Veronika Spierenburg asking different people about their book projects by contacting them on Skype. The aim of the talks is to reflect current book production in the art field and to get a deeper understanding of motivations behind productions.
THIS BOOK (1), April 4, 7pm, Corner College, Zurich will have as guests Loraine Furter, Thijs Wassink, Matthew Vollgraff, Haemmerli, Ari Marcopoulos, Michael Günzburger. For THIS BOOK (2), May 3, 7pm, at Corner College, guests will be Banu Cennetoglu, Rafael Rozendaal, Manuel Raeder, Fabrice Stroun, San Seriffe.

Veronika Spierenburg has also regularly been visiting the Art Library in the Sitterwerk, in St.Gallen, for the day since 2010. She often works in a site-specific manner, as she also did in the Sitterwerk, where she became the “collector of the collection”. Individual pages of books from the Art Library, of which she has recorded a total of some 30,000, are her personal inventory. Then she reduced in collaboration with the Graphic Designer Simone Koller this selection further to a specific compilation, which is now—simultaneous to the exhibition—being published as an artist’s book: In Order of Pages, Kodoji Press, Baden.

The exhibition Between Handle and Blade – May 05 – June 23, 2013, Sitterwerk, St.Gallen – consists of individual interventions that examine the book as subject matter or refer to it in a broader sense. The focal point of the exhibition will be a three-meter-tall reading wheel made of metal. This object thus makes reference to the engineer Agostino Ramelli (1531–1600). Ramelli drew the plan for a mechanical reading aid around 1588, which was published along with 194 construction drawings in the book Le diverse et artificiose machine and is today considered to be a classic on the engineering of the sixteenth century. In the exhibition, the parallel reading and looking at individual book pages by means of the reading wheel becomes a direct reference to the publication by Veronika Spierenburg…

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