Excursus IV: Primary Information

From artists’ books, magazines, and museum catalogues to opening announcements, advertisements, and event scores, printed matter has long been a dynamic element of art discourse and practice. But these materials, ephemeral by nature, have not always been preserved. Today, with our unprecedented access to information—virtual, downloadable, on-demand—there is a renewed interest in print’s material dimensions and the ways publication can be both a historical resource and a platform for art-making.

Excursus is a multifaceted initiative at the Institute of Contemporary Art, Philadelphia, in which artists, designers, publishers, and other cultural producers whose work engages the archive and publication are invited to create a platform for more intimate programming, alongside an online residency.
For Excursus IV, Primary Information has been invited to delve into ICA archive and to reflect on its contemporary potential. Through an engagement with ICA’s own critical history of publishing, Primary Information’s project will unfold over the coming weeks with a series of events in the installation and interventions on the Excursus website

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