Image, Text, Time: Typography in Artists’ Film and Video

©Joseph Beuys & Ken McMullen: Word Works (1972). Courtesy Ken McMullen / George Brecht: Entrance to Exit (1965). Courtesy Re:voir / Morgan Fisher: The Wilkinson Household Fire Alarm (1973). Courtesy Morgan Fisher / David Gatten: Film for Invisible Ink, case no. 323: ONCE UPON A TIME IN THE WEST (2010). Courtesy David Gatten / Liza Béar: Earthglow (1983). Courtesy Liza Béar

The screening Image, Text, Time: Typography in Artists’ Film and Video – selected by Fraser Muggeridge and Will Rose, during Publish and Be Damned 2013, March 2, Institute of Contemporary Arts, London – brings together artists’ films and videos in which typography plays a central role. The screening will look at how typography has been used to shape new aesthetic relationships between image, text and time, and how viewing moving image might be considered as a process of reading as well as looking.

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