TEXTS: GRAPHIC 2007—2011

TEXTS: GRAPHIC 2007—2011 is a collection of the text in GRAPHIC throughout 5 years since 2007 to 2011. This contains 422 interviews, 31 essays, and 160 designer’s comments with regards to contemporary issues in graphic design.

“If there is one common thread running through all the issues, it is the effort to highlight the graphic design process and mind-set by focusing on the independent approaches of its practitioners. Our main interest has been in the ways contemporary graphic design has been branching out, with each issue dedicated to figuring out how to record these changes. What sources do we look to for the energy that drives new currents in graphic design? In our case, we identified them in terms of two major themes in graphic design: “independence” and “expansion.” These are the links that join the different topics found in each issue.”

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