Auto-Archive – Photocopy Show

Auto-Archive – a research project by Toby Huddlestone – shifts the archive from a post-event medium, to a structure that predicts and predetermines the outcome of an event.
It is a research project comprising presentation, discussion, exhibition, publication and review engaged with artworks that seem to archive their future outcome. Through their conceptual structure, each artwork attempts to predetermine their own outcome in some way – they set the parameters necessary in order to preempt what will be archived of them, thus providing a commentary into the future.

Auto-Archive Photocopy Show – january 25 – february 16, 2013, Time Share, London – is an exhibition comprising photocopies of works selected for the Auto-Archive project.
Using the photocopy as the exhibition medium, the works in this exhibition sit somewhere between raw research and re-appropriated artworks. Depending on artwork, the works will range from standard informational A4 prints to enlarged 1:1 artwork-size images, creating an ‘in-between exhibition’. Featuring Vito Acconci, Bas Jan Ader, Robert Barry, Dan Graham, On Kawara, John Latham, Peter Liversidge, Raimundas Malašauskas, Jonathan Monk, Gianni Motti, Bruce Nauman, PostDocument and more…

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