Colorado House – Times Vol.1 – The Puzzling Almanac

Colorado House, run by Charlotte Collin and Jana Papenbroock, is an independent publishing house specialised on printed and crafted matter with a particular focus on experiment, anthropology and process.

Times Vol. 1: The Puzzling Almanac is a pictorial atlas about the staging of memory and the disarray of taxonomy. 365 photographs from the early 19th to the early 20th century were assembled to collages, enabling the reader to browse through the unlikely associations between scientific inventions, ancient discoveries, and past current affairs. The juxtaposition of the stylized, historical photos conveys the ongoing mise-en-scène of reality and the poetic fiction of all systems of classification. Like an eternal inkblot test, what the reader makes of history is left to himself. The book can be read as an open puzzle from all directions, literally right to left, back to front, bottom to top, accomodating the reader’s own whim and perspective.

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