Guests of Liverpool Biennial, graphic designer David Bennewith and artists William Hsu and Marnie Slater presented Watermarking.

A harbour city and the capital of New Zealand, Wellington is distinctive not only as the site of governance for a bicultural nation state, but also for the geographical location that determines its rich cultural character and enduring relationship to the ocean.
From the geographical and socio-political histories of Wellington, they extended connections to the port city of Liverpool through outsourcing and assemblage. Notions of distance, local matter in global circulation, and the fluidity of ocean waters inform and encapsulate the work that takes form as printed material.

“Today as our primary communication tools are online, publications have the potential to become deliberate sculptural objects, rather than simply a way to distribute information. This turns the making of a book into a building process and the construction of a space. In Watermarking, the book has become a structure that hosts various publishing practices.”

Reflecting the ongoing necessity of the ocean as a physical and geographical expanse in which industrial enterprises connect, printers from Wellington, Melbourne, Taipei, Rotterdam and finally Liverpool were invited to visualise this space within the pages of a publication, each imagining and inscribing the colour of their ocean.

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