Monaco is a magazine that, instead of reviewing or previewing, is devoted to sharing ideas and information about things that haven’t happened, and maybe never will: artworks that are impossible to realise, projects that haven’t got off the ground, the beginnings of ideas, or research that is still ongoing. The aim is not to catalogue or archive these projects, instead they are considered as starting points—for future projects, or for conversations—as readers become contributors and contributors become readers.

Monaco issue 6 contributors: Zayne Armstrong, Jennifer Bailey, Bianca Baldi, Catherine Borra, Vittorio Brodmann and Elise Lammer, Oscar Carlson, Olivier Castel, Rosie Cooper and Ariella Yedgar, Winnie Cott, Danielle Dean, Arnaud Desjardin, Jenifer Evans, Eva Fàbregas, Babak Ghazi, Emma Hart, Dominique Hurth, Tim Ivison and Julia Tcharfas, Kazimierz Jankowski, Atalya Laufer, Ian Law, Aki Nagasaka, Kathy Noble, Rachel Pimm and Jessica Rose, Paul Simon Richards, Manuel Shvartzberg, Lena Tutunjian, Charles Veyron.

Launch November 29, 2012, 7pm
David Roberts Art Foundation, London

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