Fernand Baudin Students Publications 2013

Fernand Baudin Students Publications 2013 – a yearly event dedicated to editorial productions by students in Belgium – needs your support.

Initiated by members of Fernand Baudin Prize, this event aims to focus on research and reflexion around editorial practices, and brings together students from different superior art schools everywhere in Belgium. This event corresponds to a current and general regain of interest in editing, also visible in most superior art schools: new classes?and Master specialized in editorial practices. More than another “most beautiful book award”, this event offers a less hierarchical and competitive model, and implies a real participation and reflexion of the students at many levels, from the event’s conception and organization to the exhibition, lectures, discussions and round tables taking place during the event.

Fernand Baudin Students Publications 2013 – The Tools Issue will happen in March 2013, during the international art book fair Paper/View in Brussels – connecting students and professional (common and divergent) problematics and practices.

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