Royal Garden

Royal Garden is an on-line shaggy magazine, a multidisciplinary production environment, a critical, theoretical and artistic exquisite cadaver…

In Playtime (1967) Jacques Tati describes a modern world made of huge empty corridors, offices mazes, large exhibition halls … His alter ego Monsieur Hulot spends at the a Royal Garden an evening punctuated by his own catastrophes. The futuristic world quickly turns into a hellish labyrinth. Wrapped in the loop as an arrow drawn in red neon above the door, one has to turn himself in order to exit and enter again. In this film the Royal Garden is a metaphor of paradise.

Royal Garden is the in-between, the a-side, the towpath, the alternate, the flow, the connection. The ideal squatting base to explore freely the possibilities offered by this new medium, to escape the diktat of the formalism and to highlight key issues of art today: communication and connection.
Born in 2008, Royal Garden is an extension on the virtual mode of the artistic project of Crédac.

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