Forming the central part of this exhibition LA LETRA E ESTÁ POR DOQUIER are three newly developed display structures and three new furniture objects. The display structures are a continuation of the experiments carried out by Studio Manuel Raeder in how to construct display devices that deal with showing books or an archive.
LA LETRA E ESTÁ POR DOQUIER functions like a book that contains different stories and letters. Instead of pages, the display structures and furniture allow for textile designs, objects and books that Studio Manuel Raeder has designed in the past years to be juxtaposed next to found and used objects from various encounters during a research undertaken at Oaxacan handcraft workshops. This found objects include half finished barro negro pots (black ceramic) and tin can test prints amongst many other things.
EVERYWHERE also features three newly developed furniture / objects that collapse the borders of where the work of Studio Manuel Raeder begins and where the objects on display try to relate to local forms and methods of production.

November 22 – February 3, 2013
Centro de Diseño, Oaxaca

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