Type & Characters

Type & Characters was launched as part of a program of the same name, which comprised an exhibition, screenings, lectures and performances.

The main character of this publication is the typeface “Hollandsche Mediæval”, designed in 1912 by Sjoerd de Roos for the Lettergieterij Amsterdam (Typefoundry Amsterdam). By putting the local (Amsterdam) history of type in relation to the work of contemporary makers Type & Characters aims to contribute to the production of a living history of typography.
The format of this publication is derived from the type specimens issued by the Typefoundry Amsterdam. It thus consist of two in-quarto formats, one (in black) being an insert of the other (vermillion).

The publication, now available at San Serriffe, is designed and edited by Paul Gangloff and assembles contributions by Re’em Aharoni, Keunpyo Ahn, David Bennewith, Jasper Coppes, Mathieu Lommen, Ane Østrem, Sander Uitdehaag & Civic Virtue.

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