A Book by Night

A Book by Night – Objects from the library of Andreas Züst is a project by Samuel Bänziger and Mara Züst, with Habib Ahmed Afsar, Ivo Mendes Barão Teixeira, Beni Bischof, Gabi Deutsch, Daniel Gafner, Mariano Gaich, Estelle Gassmann, Peter Hutter and Nobert Möslang.

As consolidated as a book seems, each one consists of slumbering worlds, which, in the sense of an object with a body and soul, are waiting to get flipped through, to be looked at and read, felt and in its highest form, be transformed into the mind of the beholder and transmitted to the reader. Those “book worlds”, stacked spine next to spine in a library not only guide to different times, areas and intellectual worlds, but are also always in some way connected to the person, who looks at it. Without this counterpart, a book is no more than some paper and ink. With a counterpart, books can go far beyond. But in which form? To explore this, various artists and practical designers were invited to transform their perspective of one (or several) books of the library of Andreas Züst into an object. These objects, together with the corresponding books or book series are now presented to the public in a small circulating exhibition.

Staziun, Lavin, October 12-14, 2012
Corner College, Zurich, October 19-21, 2012
Alpenhof, Oberegg, October 27 – November 4, 2012

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