P! – Process 01: Joy – Chauncey Hare, Christine Hill, Karel Martens

P!, a new multidisciplinary exhibition space, extends the curatorial, editorial, and publishing work of design studio Project Projects and proposes an experimental space of display in which the radical possibilities of disparate disciplines, historical periods, and modes of production rub elbows.

The inaugural exhibition, Process 01: Joy, features a unique interaction of work by Chauncey Hare, Christine Hill, and Karel Martens.
The exhibition focuses on topics that periodically appear, disappear, and reappear in and out of contemporary discourse: labor, alienation, and the love of work. Rather than attempting to tackle these themes head on, the exhibition presents three wildly disparate positions that together suggest a loose and unstable thesis. The materials on view span a range of documentary, anthropological, and performative approaches to questions of labor and, at the same time, enact self-reflexive, parallel spaces of production and “off-time.”
The space’s architectural concept, designed by Leong Leong Architecture, will premiere in this first show and evolve with each successive installation at P!.

September 16 – November 3, 2012
P!, New York

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