mono.kultur #32 – MARTINO GAMPER

mono.kultur is an interview magazine from Berlin which deals with art and culture – or rather with the people who make them happen – and features one interview per issue.

mono.kultur latest issue – #32 – Martino Gamper: All channels personal – features product designer and artist Martino Gamper who talked about his idea of fun, why a chair is the ultimate challenge and what design has in common with cooking.
Martino Gamper is concerned with how design might affect the everyday. Coming to attention in 2007 with his epic project 100 Chairs in 100 Days, where he assembled discarded furniture and waste material into curious and charismatic new pieces, considering the history of materials as well as the context of his work has become an important element of Gamper’s practice, which sits comfortably and playfully between the worlds of industrial design and fine art…
Visually, the issue is bursting with references and ideas, reclaiming image material from left and right, while unveiling the structure of a book with three booklets of different sizes all assembled into one.

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